I Want To Invite You To Become A Special Community Member Of The Radically Selfish Sisterhood
We have to take the our lives into our own hands - and creating deep connections with powerful women who are committed to loving ourselves and doing the work is the way. Through community, support and guidance, the Radically Selfish Sisterhood is here to provide you with the wisdom, tools and rituals in making that a reality. 
It's time for you to become your own empowered guide.

Each month, we focus on a theme that will strengthen your quality of life. You will receive focused personal development tools + custom content that will activate your inner growth and empower you to make the real changes you seek in your daily life. 

As a member of the Radically Selfish Sisterhood, you will have exclusive access to:
✔ Private community to share and be supported (not on Facebook)
✔ Guided physical practices + meditations.
✔ New & Full Moon manifestation and growth rituals.
✔ Worksheets to keep you organized and accountable.
✔ Q+A with your Power Guide Michelle and invited guest experts.
You deserve to FEEL MAGICAL + Powerful + FREE
Meet Your Power Guide, 
Michelle Keinan
Michelle Keinan is a successful wellness multi-preneur, healer, power guide, community builder, and speaker. After 10+ years in marketing (a safe, lucrative career that made her family happy), Michelle decided to honor her inner-guidance system and live a fully empowered life according to her own desires - and she has since taught hundreds of women to do the same. She is a certified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method as well as the Pantarei Approach, and a Level 1 NLP Mindset Coach.
The Radically Selfish Sisterhood is for you - the woman who is ready to become her own empowered guide and feel good about the life that you’re choosing to live. 

Discover the momentum and support that you need to help you successfully commit to your dreams and desires in this private, supportive community created just for you. 

Being connected to yourself and being supported will make all the difference on your personal development and self-empowerment journey. 

The Radically Selfish Sisterhood is currently closed. Join my waitlist & be first to know when I open the doors again.
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